Max Estates Sector 36A Gurgaon Dwarka Expressway Floor Plan

Max Estates Sector 36A is a luxury project, there will likely be a variety of apartment sizes catering to different needs. Expect options like 2 BHK (2 bedroom, 2 hall, kitchen), 3 BHK (3 bedroom, 2 hall, kitchen ), and possibly even 3 BHK configurations.As a new development, the floor plans are likely to be modern and functional, with efficient use of space.Max estates 36A dwarka expressway towers would likely house regular apartments, while the two Antara Senior Living towers would be dedicated to senior living needs.Having separate towers allows for dedicated amenities and services for each group. Max Estate towers might have amenities geared towards families or young professionals, while Antara Senior Living towers could focus on senior-specific needs like healthcare facilities or recreational activities designed for older adults.