Big Pakistani Dramas Sanwal Yaar Piya release Date

Major Dramas in Pakistan Check out our site for the Sanwal Yaar Piya release date. A huge conflict and new characters were introduced in the premiere of the Pakistani serial "Sanwal Yaar Piya" on Har Pal Geo. The series' January 2023 premiere was postponed due to the departure of lead star Feroze Khan. Wahaj Ali, Yumna Zaidi, Imran Ashraf, and Iqra Aziz are among the cast members. Wajahat Rauf directed, while Hashim Nadeem penned the script. The show's premiere date is anticipated to be in 2024, although it has not been confirmed since Khan's exit. The second episode of 2024 will follow Sanwal and Piya's journey.Teacher Sanwal and Kiran's fiancé Sultan struggle with their taboo