Explosion Proof Emergency Light: "Stay Safe in Emergencies with SharpEagle"

SharpEagle is honored to bring you our elite-level Explosion Proof Flashlight, created specifically for use in the riskiest working conditions. Our flashlight delivers bright, dependable light in spaces where fire or explosions could present a danger.

Key features:

The lamp head can be rotated around 270° from top to bottom, with a wide lighting range.
Easy to install
LED indicator of main, charge, and fault to easily know the status of the light.
Self-inspections annual month And a test button for testing any time for the user.
Equipped with an explosion-proof buzzer with a 65dB-85dB voice. When the product is in fault status, the buzzer will work 1-3s every minute to remind the user to maintain the product.

Refrain from letting the risks in your work surroundings obstruct you from acquiring the required lighting to perform your tasks. With our Explosion Proof Flashlight, you can rest assured that you and your equipment are protected. Reach out to us today to find out more about our product and embark on the journey towards a safer and brighter work environment. Get a competitive edge with SharpEagle's cutting-edge technology.

Feel free to contact us at +971-45549547 Or mail us at sales@sharpeagle.uk