Sweet Home Season 2: Horror K-drama Return Cast, Release date, 2024 Episode 8

See our website for Sweet Home Season 2: Horror K-drama's Return Cast, Release Date, and 2024 Episode 8. In the second season of the horror Korean drama Sweet Home, the aftermath of a virus that transforms humans into monsters rather than zombies is shown. The head of the department gets an injection that turns him into a mirror image of an alien in the eighth episode, which is set in a gloomy laboratory.

Three years after the events of the first season, Song Kang, Lee Jin-uk, and Lee Si-young are followed in the third season as they negotiate post-apocalyptic chaos and look for safe havens like Green Home. In between terrifying monster battles, Season 2 delves into emotional nuance and presents fresh characters such as Mr. Han and Dr. Lim.