Whatsapp Business API-Conversational Whatsapp Chatbot Platform-TelebuSocial

Telebu announces the launch of TelebuSocial, an all-in-one WhatsApp Business solution for enhanced business communication.

TelebuSocial offers a web platform and WhatsApp API for businesses to send OTPs, transactional and marketing messages, and provide conversational customer support on WhatsApp.

Key features of TelebuSocial include:

**Real-time WhatsApp chat platform**: An intuitive chat platform for support agents to handle customer queries via WhatsApp in real time.

**Drag and drop WhatsApp Business chatbot**: Create and deploy no-code WhatsApp chatbots to provide automated responses to common customer queries.

**WhatsApp API integration**: Integrate WhatsApp Business API to automate messages from your existing applications to customers via WhatsApp.

**Omnichannel communication**: Manage interactions on WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, and Google Messenger from one dashboard.

**Simple and user-friendly design**: Simple interface that looks just like WhatsApp. With a fast learning curve and all the resources you need.

Learn more about TelebuSocial by booking a demo. Talk to our sales team to understand how TelebuSocial can seamlessly fit into your current processes.

To learn more about TelebuSocial, visit https://www.telebusocial.com/