What is agarwood incense used for?

One of the oldest and revered ingredients in incense agarwood also referred to as aloeswood or oud is the name used to describe the aromatic and dark resin-suffused wood found in species like Aquilaria, Gyrinops, and Aetoxylon trees. Incense and agarwood chips were both burned prior to the advent of writing and have been used in an array of rituals and religious ceremonies and rituals across the globe. Intensely primitive, psychoactive and distinctive the smell of fine agarwood has been thought to be one of the best scents to use for yoga and meditation and also for many other spiritual practices.

As a scent, agarwood incense will vary greatly depending on the time of the trees, the location, and the expertise that the distiller has,, all crucial factors that affect the final scent. Even if all conditions are the same, only a few batches of agarwood really identical. It can be sweet and fun with fruity notes that are shadowy as well as earthy and woody some hints of crushed foliage, or even deeply animalistic with an airy and stimulating musky. Agarwood is generally very strong and animalistic, and more masculine.