VLCC School Makeup Artist Course Delhi

Course Content:
3D Prosthetics & Special Effects

Introduction class (TV, film, theatre and 3D effects)
3D prosthetic special effect
Casualty simulation
Welcome and introduction
Material introduction
Preparation of skin
Wounds, Scars, Bruises, Bullet marks and cuts
Bald Cap Making and Fixing Technique
Old Age Makeup
Zombie Makeover
Burn effect Makeup
Mould making techniques
Arginate powder mixing techniques
Making of Silicone pieces
Group practices on negative facial makeover
Special effect techniques
Negative to positive facial makeover
Positive facial makeover with piastionine
3D application Positive moulds tops
Foam material techniques
3D application with foam material
3D colouring technique
Character analysis
Lights for make up
Cleansing and removal of makeup techniques
Make-up shoots of student’s creation
Group discussion
Make up Practical
Student feedback
Closing and distribution of certificates
One-day educational tour