Unsaturated Polyester Resin Manufacturers in India | FRP Resin India

Orson Resins and Coatings Private Limited (ORCPL) is a leading manufacturer of unsaturated polyester resins and FRP resins in India. ORCPL's FRP resins are known for their high strength, lightweight construction, and resistance to corrosion and chemicals. They are used to manufacture a wide range of FRP products, including, Pipes and tanks, Electrical and electronic components, Chemical processing equipment, Aerospace components, Wind turbine blades, Automotive components, Marine components, Construction components. ORCPL is one of the few unsaturated polyester resin and FRP resin manufacturers in India that has a dedicated R&D center. This allows the company to develop new and innovative products that meet the specific needs of its customers. For example, ORCPL has developed a range of unsaturated polyester resins and FRP resins that are specifically designed for use in renewable energy applications such as solar panels and wind turbines.