Top 10 Basmati rice exporters 2024

India is predominantly known for its aromatic and flavorful Basmati rice. Hence, the nation successfully established itself as the trusted exporter of this prized grain globally. With a pristine agricultural heritage and a dedication to excellence, India boasts several basmati rice exporters who consistently deliver extraordinary quality to the global market. In this blog, let’s delve into the ever-changing industry of basmati rice exportation in India, shedding light on the leading names, importance, key factors, and challenges.

1.Vi Exports
2.Shri Lal Mahal Group
3. Rohit Exports
4. Mahavir Rice & Gen. Mills
5. P.K.Overseas P.LTD
6. KRBL Limited
7. ASM Global INC
8. Galore Impex
9. Bharat Cereals Pvt. Ltd.
10. HRL Food