The Color Changing Sunglasses Are Very Convenient For Daily Use

Color-changing sunglasses near me can automatically darken the color of the lenses to help block some visible light when strong ultraviolet rays are detected.

The principle is to embed photochromic molecules in the lens, so that when the lens is exposed to ultraviolet light, the shape and structure of the photochromic molecules change, blocking or absorbing a large part of visible light, making the field of view darker. It can restore transparency when removing strong ultraviolet conditions.

It is still very convenient for daily use. However, according to the principle of color-changing glasses, when an anti-UV film is applied to the car window, color-changing glasses are no different from ordinary transparent glasses and cannot reduce the brightness of the field of view or prevent glare.

How to choose sunglasses near me now for myopia? Everyone is studying so hard, and the myopia rate is getting higher and higher. Of course, the demand for myopia sunglasses is very high.

For students with myopia, there are three solutions to wearing sunglasses: contact lenses and regular sunglasses; Clip or magnetic suction myopia sunglasses (also known as sunglasses), and myopia sunglasses.

The combination of contact lenses and regular sunglasses is not a problem in daily life. As long as the quality of regular sunglasses is satisfactory, it is the same as wearing contact lenses to see the scenery through the window glass.

However, it is important to note that wearing contact lenses with UV protection is not recommended to protect the eyes. Contact lenses can only cover a small part of the eyeball, so they cannot fully protect the eyes and surrounding skin.