Strategize, Engage, Activate: The New Era of B2B Demand Generation

The buyer’s dominance has changed the dynamics in the drastically shifting B2B industry, requiring marketers to take a more creative approach. According to a Gartner survey, 77% of B2B buyers need help with the purchasing process. To improve and streamline the buyer’s journey, marketers are using account-based demand engines to target high-value accounts with personalized experiences.

Essential Elements of a Demand Engine Based on Accounts

Abbreviated as “STEAM,” the account-based demand engine includes Strategy, Target audience identification, Engagement, Activation, and Measurement. It starts with a well-defined plan to establish goals and strategies, then moves on to determining and comprehending who the target audience is. To move from digital efforts to human connection in the Activation phase, audience engagement through appealing content is essential. For optimization and ongoing progress, measurement is crucial.