Mobile application development on Android and iOS technology

iOS app development is much faster than Android app development. In particular, android is less safe than iOS because the devices rely on open-source code.
iOS is used only on Apple devices. Apple users prefer the latest operating system version to make the testing process simpler than testing Android applications. Where the developers need to test the application on different devices and OS versions.
iOS app development is easier than an Android app because developers have to build apps for only Apple devices that same build.
The cost of Android app and iOS app development, android app takes more time than iOS apps due to the complexity of development.
Android devices are used in many manufacturer app development, for this platform is more complex due to compatibility issues making Android app development costlier than iOS.
Android and iOS app development depends on multiple factors like business requirements, target market, locations where you will operate, and many other factors.
Mainly the iOS applications launched in countries like Japan and, the USA, with a target of high-income groups. And the Android devices targeting global markets.
The difference between iOS and Android development lies in the release process, when you can release an iOS app, be ready that won't be compatible with Apple rules and regulations. Everything is easy with Android apps.
Is iOS development easier than Android?
No, because it is more time-consuming, and will cost more to hire dedicated than Android developers. Because the testing is more complicated and the cost may also rise.
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