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Get Compensated For Medical Negligence In The UAE With The Help Of Our Medical Negligence Lawyers.
Have you or anyone you know experienced severe illness, loss, chronic injury or death as a result of negligent medical care in the UAE? You are entitled to compensation as per Federal Law No. 4 of 2016 – Medical Liability Law – and provisions of the UAE Civil Code regarding the Criminal Procedure Code. BR Law Firm is here to help you file a medical negligence claim due to negligent care provided by doctors, nurses, and healthcare centers. BR Law Firm has been an established presence for legal counsel and representation in the UAE for the past ten years. Our team of exceptional lawyers help you get the justice you seek, understanding the need to obtain swift results and upholding client discretion.
Understanding Medical Negligence Many people confuse medical negligence with medical malpractice, even though both are vastly different. While malpractice is a form of negligence, the spectrum of negligence covers other criteria. If you are filing such a claim, you should know what amounts to medical negligence. It refers to the act of providing careless healthcare. It is the failure of the healthcare provider, whether nurse, doctor, or medical center, to follow the standard medical procedure for no good reason. On account of offering this improper healthcare, a patient may incur avoidable injury, chronic health conditions, surgical intervention, lifelong medications, and even death. This could have been prevented if the healthcare provider had taken all precautions pertinent to a patient’s health.
How Can Our Lawyers Help You With Medical Negligence in Dubai? Thankfully, the law has provisions to help you get the justice you need. In the UAE, your civil claim for medical negligence must be submitted to the Medical Liability Committee, failing which you will not be liable for compensation. Navigating the legal requirements of filing such a case is complex, which is where our medical negligence lawyers can be of great help. Undertaking all the steps on your behalf, our lawyers bring your claim forward. They will help you get a settlement directly or claim compensation via a civil action suit.
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