kamishibai lean, kamishibai lean manufacturing

Kamishibai in lean is a visual control centre in the workplace used for performing audits within a manufacturing process. A series of cards are placed on the visual board. The green card indicates that everything has gone well and the task has been completed, and the red card indicates that the task still needs to be completed and requires attention. Kamishibai boards promote workplace safety, cleanliness, and quality checks.
Kamishibai Lean Manufacturing involves the following key elements:
Kamishibai Cards: These cards outline specific tasks, quality checks, or standard operating procedures. Each card represents a particular activity that needs to be performed within a specified timeframe.
Kamishibai Board: Similar to traditional Kamishibai boards, these are used to hold the cards. Each column on the board represents a step in the process. As tasks are completed, cards move from one column to the next.
Visual Management: Kamishibai Lean relies on visual cues to ensure processes are followed correctly. The cards and boards provide a clear visual representation of tasks and their statuses, making it easy for team members to identify what needs to be done and track progress.
Continuous Improvement: Kamishibai Lean encourages a culture of continuous improvement. Team members can suggest changes or modifications to existing processes, and these suggestions can be implemented by updating the Kamishibai cards accordingly.
Audits and Compliance: Kamishibai Lean involves regular audits where managers or team leaders use the Kamishibai cards to check if tasks are being performed correctly. Deviations from the standard procedures can be identified and addressed promptly.
There are several compelling reasons to use a Kamishibai board within an organisation.
Visual Management: Using Kamishibai boards facilitates task comprehension and progress tracking at all levels.
Process Improvement: Kamishibai boards are visual management tools that help identify deviations from standards and enable prompt problem-solving. They also encourage data-driven decision-making and provide a platform for tracking improvement initiatives over time.
Daily Auditing: Performing daily audits using Kamishibai boards effectively identifies and addresses issues promptly. By incorporating scheduled checks and reviews, organisations can ensure that tasks and processes are consistently followed, which reduces the risk of errors, omissions, or quality issues. This is an important measure to maintain high standards and improve overall productivity.
Employee Engagement: Kamishibai is a platform that allows employees to actively participate in the process, contribute ideas, and take ownership of their tasks. The visual display of tasks and performance metrics encourages a sense of responsibility and motivates employees to achieve their targets. With Kamishibai, employees feel more engaged and motivated to work towards their goals.