Kamishibai, kamishibai board and kamishibai cards

Kamishibai is a process confirmation technique essential to the Lean Daily Management System. Kamishibai boards are visual management tools similar to the hour-to-hour production status boards. Kamishibai boards perform daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly audits.
Kamishibai board is a lean management tool that can visualise the data in your operations, keep track of your goals, take corrective measures and check whether the improvements are sustained. It audits various processes, which are performed consistently and monitored regularly.
Kamishibai serves as a visual guide, reminding leaders of the areas to visit, create checklist items to observe the process, and provide a platform to document and follow up on improvement opportunities.
Task Visualisation: Digital Kamishibai boards display tasks, ensuring the leaders have a clear visual representation of their standard work activities. Keeping track of all your tasks and responsibilities can be challenging as a leader. This system is designed to help you stay organised and ensure that you take on all essential tasks.
Standardised Process Confirmation: Leaders can create standard work instructions or checklists specific to their roles and responsibilities, which can be displayed on the Kamishibai boards for easy reference and completion.
Daily Accountability: Kamishibai boards promote daily accountability for Leader Standard Work. Leaders can assign specific tasks to themselves or team members. The status and progress of these tasks can be easily monitored and tracked. Kamishibai ensures that processes are consistently performed and monitored.
Continuous Improvement: Leaders can use the Kamishibai boards to identify areas for improvement within their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), capture improvement ideas, and track the implementation of changes or experiments.
Greater Visibility: Kamishibai boards provide greater visibility regarding the execution of Leader Standard Work. Leaders and managers can easily monitor adherence to SOPs and identify areas requiring intervention by displaying tasks and their status on Kamishibai boards.
PDCA Cycle: Kamishibai boards serve as a platform for leaders to plan tasks, execute the tasks, check the outcomes or results, and take appropriate action based on the findings using the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle. This iterative process drives continuous improvement and ensures that Leader Standard Work remains effective.
Training and Onboarding: Kamishibai boards can assist in training and onboarding new leaders or team members. The boards can display the standard work orders and provide guidance or instructions, helping individuals understand their roles and responsibilities.