Is Cybercrime Only Going To Get Worse In Future? A Shocking Threat In 2024

From today till hardly 2 or 3 decades ago, the nature of crime was of a different kind.

A thief broke into your house or shop and committed robbery or broke the lock and looted the safe. Even today, such sporadic incidents are happening everywhere.
But, with time the nature of crime is also changing. In today’s digital world, the nature of business and financial transactions is also being modernized from manual to digital.

Today almost every person has a smartphone in his hand and the bank is at the tip of his fingers. All over the world business is going online and its data is in the cloud or on the internet. Cyber ​​fraudsters no longer need to steal your house or rob a bank, they can trap you and steal your hard earned money digitally.

There is a very direct equation between digital advancement and cyber crime. As the world becomes more dependent on digital technology, the possibility of cyber crime incidents will also increase.