Innovative Solutions for Vehicle Pest Control: The Nichem Solutions Breakthrough

Those who own vehicles can empathize with how these beasts are portrayed by relentlessly reproducing and colonizing the engine comparts with their huge numbers, sharp teeth and claws, and constant disruptions. Rodents love hot environments as well as being protected from the outside conditions thus they build their nests in any available hollows. They tend to give birth to litter after litter which causes major problems by repeatedly chewing through pipes, pipelines, cables, gaskets, seals etc. At that very moment, the transpiring debris, together with the steps limiting ventilation, is creating an environment with contamination of inner membranes with urine or faeces flowing out. However, traditional remedies like poisonous liquids, traps, and not clearing the nests offer only temporary relief while the insects take shelter and patiently wait for the end of the cycle to repeat, forcing the owners into exhausting regimes owning to constant reapplication of limited effective tools against these invaders which mostly provide no guarantee of eliminating the invaders- with minimal lasting success. Desiring to provide car owners with an anti-pest power to help them forget about the mentioned problem, Mumbai inventor Nichem Solutions created their chemical expertise the first Rat repellent spray for cars the world has ever seen. Although the product works using creatures’ bitterness aversion to pain instead of pesticides, it offers more safety to users. Their breakthrough formula “No Entry XL” relies on proprietary synthesis techniques guided under the visionary leadership of Institute of Chemical Technology professors with extensive polymer experience critical to tailor production methods that permit cost-effective scaling of an innovative class of bitterant compounds eliciting intense taste repulsion in rodents while remaining safe, affordable and most critically: prolong its durability and endurance even in extreme exhausting locations which cannot be spoken for with other technologies.