Indoor wireless temperature data logger such as greenhouses

Environments such as greenhouses, laboratories, museums, and archives require appropriate temperature and humidity, and appropriate temperature and humidity data recorders are required for real-time monitoring to ensure that the environmental temperature and humidity meet standards. The wireless temperature data logger has a built-in wireless connection function. As long as there is an Internet connection, it can remotely monitor and access data in real-time. It is very suitable for temperature and humidity monitoring of indoor environments such as greenhouses.

The wireless temperature data logger developed and produced by Freshliance is a configurable and rechargeable temperature humidity data logger that can monitor and record the temperature and humidity of greenhouses and other environments in real-time. This WIFI temperature logger uses a rechargeable lithium battery and can work continuously for up to 360 working days. It can be combined with the Internet of Things platform and WiFi data communication technology to realize historical data collection, statistics, and customer browsing functions. It can be remotely and directly used through the APP. Check the status of equipment in the greenhouse, real-time temperature/humidity, minimum temperature/humidity, maximum temperature/humidity, average temperature/humidity, etc. Using WIFI temperature logger, managers can have a very clear understanding of indoor temperature and humidity changes in greenhouses, laboratories, museums, etc., and after setting the alarm point, if the indoor temperature/humidity exceeds the alarm point, the device will alarm and remind, and managers can Make reasonable adjustments to indoor temperature and humidity in a timely manner.

Freshliance wireless temperature data logger has a large display screen, through which you can also understand the temperature and humidity of indoor environments such as greenhouses and the usage of the equipment. It has the characteristics of high accuracy and small space occupation. It can generate temperature and humidity data reports in PDF/CSV format, which is very helpful for indoor environmental quality analysis such as greenhouses. For temperature and humidity monitoring and recording of indoor environments such as greenhouses, Freshliance has launched a variety of temperature humidity data loggers. Your consultation and purchase are welcome!
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