Indian Police Force is an upcoming action thriller streaming television series produced by Rohit Shetty for Amazon Prime Video. The high-octane cop drama follows Delhi Police officer Kabir Malik, portrayed by Sidharth Malhotra, as he confronts an ominous terrorist threat.

Kabir leads the elite Special Cell of the Delhi Police that specializes in counter-terrorism. His main adversary is a sinister terrorist mastermind known only by his first name Zarar. Not much is yet revealed about Zarar’s background or motivations, but he has chosen the path of violence and fear to pursue his goals.

As Zarar unleashes a series of terror attacks across Delhi, Kabir becomes obsessed with taking down this ghost-like terrorist by any means necessary. What follows is a gritty cat-and-mouse chase between the righteous cop and the mysterious terrorist trying to rip apart the country’s capital.

Kabir is forced to make huge personal sacrifices and brush up against ethical compromises as he pursues his sworn duty to protect innocent lives from the Zarar’s reign of terror. The non-stop action series from powerhouse director Rohit Shetty pays tribute to the courage and duty of police forces while delivering an exhilarating dose of entertainment. With Shetty’s trademark high-octane sequences and slick production values, Indian Police Force promises to provide a thrilling rollercoaster ride for streaming audiences soon.