Handwriting improvement classes for kids under 14 years | Ascent Abacus

"At Ascent Abacus & Brain Gym , Handwriting Improvement Courses have been researched and re-researched to maximize the rate of output in minimum time and let the child & parent get the dread out in just few sessions. We have worked constantly from each and every aspect and now we proudly announce a guaranteed output in 30 sessions which is enough to transform the apprehension into 100% beautiful hand & confident mind of a student.
It has been a pleasure to not only have tutored students, but also mentoring Corporate individuals, Managers and Heads of organisations who identified the need to upgrade their handwriting skills owing to loss of practice due to constant handling of work via typing on laptops and other gadgets. We salute the working individuals who took out time to address shortcomings which held them back. It has been a matter of great pride to see the tremendous improvement in handwriting skills and the confidence they developed in few dedicated hours of learning. This has further strengthened our belief that there is no age limit for skill development and that handwriting improvement for adults and older students needs equal focus as handwriting development in children.
At Ascent Abacus & Brain Gym, joined straight cursive is the mantra in which simple print font is converted into legible cursive handwriting to soothe the mind of the student , parents and teachers as well. A lot can happen through beautiful handwriting!!!
You may wonder, if handwriting is really a skill worth learning? The answer is a resounding YES!"