Fighter promises to be an enthralling aerial action drama that depicts the bonds of brotherhood and camaraderie among Indian Air Force pilots. Helmed by acclaimed director Siddharth Anand, known for his visually spectacular films like War and Bang Bang, Fighter brings together an accomplished team of writers in Siddharth, Ramon Chibb, and Abbas Dalal.

The film revolves around an elite unit of IAF pilots called the 'Air Dragons' who fly cutting-edge combat aircraft. When faced with grave danger that threatens the nation's security, this band of ace fighters come together to ward off the threat. Being the best-of-the-best in their field, they share a special bond of trust and loyalty that gets tested in the line of duty.

Fighter aims to present an authentic portrait of the courage and grit of IAF aviators who put their lives on the line each time they have to scramble for missions. While depicting the exhilarating action sequences involving complex aerial maneuvers and dogfights, the story will also focus on the personal side of these brave air warriors. It will offer viewers a glimpse into their friendships, rivalries, heartbreaks, and commitments to each other and the service.