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Kemry the manufacturing company in India, where confectionery decorative materials rise above the common into the exceptional. We represent considerable authority in making premium materials that touch off imagination and lift each culinary creation. From our flawless Luster Dust to our dynamic Sprinkles and a range of Food Colours, Kemry is the definitive company in changing pastries into show-stoppers. visit our website:-

At Kemry, we comprehend that each sweet dessert starts with quality decorations, garnishes and toppings. That is the reason our items are fastidiously organised and manufactured to fulfil your needs. Our Luster Dust, accessible in a stunning cluster of tints, adds a hypnotising gleam and sheen to cakes, chocolates, and Cupcakes, granting an ethereal tastefulness that dazzles the faculties.

Our Sprinkles come in varieties and shapes, are something beyond embellishments; they're articulations of satisfaction and enjoyment. Whether decorating cupcakes, cookies, or ice creams, our Sprinkles add variety and surface, changing sweets into unusual masterpieces that charm both the eyes and the taste buds.

For those trying to imbue their manifestations with striking tints and enthralling shades, our Food colours conveys unrivalled brightness and flexibility. Whether you favour dry or synthetic variations, our Food Colours are carefully formed to accomplish exact tones and lively shades, guaranteeing that your sweets are however outwardly striking as they may be delectable.

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