Car Tracker by Trackerfit – A Must Have!

Let’s face a stone-cold truth. No one likes having things taken away from them. Imagine: you have just spent your hard-earned money, earned through countless hours of hard work, on an item of significant value. Then, it gates taken fromyou in what could be as quick as a matter of minutes. I’m not just on about picking one’s pockets, swiping womens’ purses or unclicking a watch bracelet off someone’s Rolex while they’re distracted. I’m on about Cars. Yes! Cars! Stolen… In a matter of MINUTES.With car thefts taking place every 5 minutes in the uk, and taking less than half of that time for them to be stolen, the demand for a reliable car tracker has not only become desired, but it has also become common sense. Imagine me for an example, 2 years ago, when I had my BMW X5 stolen. It had no tracker and no way to find it. The police did find it, crumpled up as well as being a complete write-off! “This could all have been prevented with a car tracker,” the local sergeant told me. And those words have lingered in my head ever since, even after i have written my wrongs.

While those events could have been avoided, I have prevented any further incidents with the ourchase and installation of a car tracker from Trackerfit. Firstly, I gave them a call where they gave me free advice on what kind of tracker would work best for my current car (an Audi Q7). A major benefit of Trackerfit is the versatility of options that they offer. They provide trackers for motorhomes, electric cars, HGVs to catering vehicles, vans and even boats. So, providing me a tracker for a 4×4 was a very simple process (which I was thankful for, as I needed a 4×4 in order to store PT equipment for my session-goers).