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Greetings, SUR-O-BANI welcomes all of you. This company has been serving the music world for decades. We have provided instruments to eminent personalities in the field of music and their success has resulted in our popularity and recognition. We produce handmade instruments of superior quality by our personal skilled workers. The instruments are made from superior quality seasoned raw materials For ex wood to produce high end sound quality and material finish. We have gained international recognition from all over the world through our instruments.

A ghungroo also known as ghunghroo or ghunghru or ghungur or Asamiya (Bengali), is one of many small metallic bells strung together to form ghungroos, a musical anklet tied to the feet of people from the indian subcontinent.[1] The sounds produced by ghungroos vary greatly in pitch depending on their metallic composition and size. Ghungroos serve to accentuate the rhythmic aspects of the dance and allow complex footwork to be heard by the audience. They are worn immediately above the ankle, resting on the lateral malleolus and medial malleolus. A string of ghungroos can range from 50 to greater than 200 bells knotted together. A novice child dancer may start with 50 and slowly add more as he or she grows older and advances in his or her technical ability. Ghungroos or salangais are worn in traditional performances of the classical Indian dance forms: Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Lavani and Odissi etc.

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