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Welcome to Concord Central AC Service Center in Kolkata. We are a leading destination for providing Central AC services in Kolkata. If you want technical solutions for your AC, then, you can contact our Central AC Service Centre in Kolkata. So you will definitely feel happy after receiving a service from us. We are always available to provide you with affordable and quick technical solutions and it makes us feel proud. After receiving our service, you can definitely use it from your central air cooler for several days without any malfunction.

We provide specialized services related to fixing any type of mechanical, plumbing, or electrical equipment, especially related to maintenance, repair, and overhaul. We have been in such Provence for many years. With our experience in repairs and services and the help of a large network with Kolkata locations, we can deal with all types of issues with home appliances. While our services are available in brands and types of devices. Therefore, we are committed to bringing peace of mind to the common people of Kolkata.

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Phone: +91 9339011231