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Indian Stingless bees also coined as Dammer bees are one among the world’s smallest and rarest honey bee colonies. They are small sized and found stingless. They source honey from... Read More

The word Thumbai also referred as thumba is a commonly found plant found at India and Philippines. It is a great medicinal pant. The leaves and flowers of thumbai plant... Read More

It is the one and only sour and sweet tasting honey. It has anti-diabetic property by its low glycemic value and added in the process of wound healing, used in... Read More

In single hive honey the rare, unique and tasty honey combs are selected/handpicked, squeezed and packed separately in a hand crafted way to perfection. Every hive is collected and brought... Read More

Stingless bee honey is frequently coined as “Mother of Medicine” or the “Mother Medicine” because to its high healing properties for many diseases and very high nutrient contents. It has... Read More