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Malted Milk Food | KAG Industries

KAG Industries proudly presents its signature Malted Milk Food, a delectable blend crafted to perfection. Bursting with rich flavor and essential nutrients, our product promises a delightful treat for all... Read More

KAG Industries specializes in premium protein powders, catering to the health-conscious in India. With a focus on quality and innovation, they offer a range of protein supplements formulated to meet... Read More

KAG Industries: A top-tier third-party nutraceutical manufacturer in India, offering contract manufacturing for dietary supplements and health products. With cutting-edge facilities and rigorous quality control, we ensure superior products that... Read More

KAG Industries offers a pregnancy-safe protein powder, expertly formulated to meet the unique nutritional requirements of expectant mothers. Our product provides essential nutrients crucial for maternal well-being and the healthy... Read More