Are you making the most of AI marketing tools in your B2B campaigns?

Asurvey by Gartner found that chief marketing officers (CMOs) are struggling to maintain an equilibrium between the use of AI in marketing and maximizing returns on existing technology. With a better safe than sorry mindset, martech use has dropped by 33% in B2B marketing campaigns this year. This has created risk in terms of process automation and a disconnect between the marketing AI stack and overall business goals.

What are the challenges?

The biggest challenge CMOs faced was aligning their martech features with their business operations. Another stumbling block is whether to opt for the top technologies available in a specific domain or to go for a more integrated approach. Most CMOs prefer to chart the specific functions and then decide upon the tools and vendors.

This makes sense as integrated solutions require long-term buy-in and may not be the right fit in some contexts. For example, the integrated approach is fraught with risk when you are trying to map data from an external set within the suite itself. Similarly, best-of-breed technologies serve the purpose from an automate-as-you-go approach but require in-depth expertise from a martech as well as a strategic point of view.