American Bully Farm Releases Their Newborn American Bullies

Los Angeles, California — American Bully Farm is very excited to announce their new litter of American bullies for sale. These bullies represent their commitment to breed high quality bully puppies. Theri bully dogs are very intelligent and socialized. Their health is in excellent condition.
The people who are looking for American bullies for sale near me, their healthy bully puppies will be a perfect match. The Farm’s expertise in breeding, training, and showcasing healthy and fit dogs sets them apart. Their strong build puppies can win the heart of any dog lover. The farm is taking pride in not only creating and breeding high quality puppies but also exceeding breed standards in both physical and temperamental qualities.

About American Bullies

American bullies are a highly protective and loyal dog breed. The breed is not unique. After genetic mutation the breed was produced. The aim of the breeding was to produce strong and loyal dogs. Exactly it happened. American bully dogs are strong, loyal and protective. Their muscular build shows their energy. With a long lifespan, the dog makes a great family pet. The sizes of the breed can be pocket, standart, xl and xxl. They can be various colors and sizes.

The Announcement from The Owner

Mr Games, the owner of the farm said " Our goal is to produce healthy and well-socialized American bully puppies for those who are looking for American bullies for sale near me.” He also added, “ We believe in ethical breeding practices that’s why we produced only healthy and socialized dogs. Our puppies and dogs live in a dog friendly environment and we strive to maintain the highest standards of ethics and responsibility.”
Interested parties are invited to learn more about the American bullies for sale of American Bully Farm. Visit their website and check all the available puppies and American bullies for sale.

About American Bully Farm

American Bully Farm is a USA based farm that was established in 2018. They are well-known for raising and producing well-adjusted and energetic American bully dogs and puppies. They follow ethical breeding practices. After choosing a healthy and well-tempered dog pair, they breed from the pair. So, all the puppies and dogs inherit all good characteristics and behaviors. Their puppies and dogs make great pets and can adjust in a lower space apartment building or home. All of their puppies and dogs have unique characteristics. They attached all information including their dog's characteristics on their website. So, anyone can know all information from the farm’s website. Also, they have pocket, micro, standard and xl size American bully dogs.

For further information, press kits, and interview inquiries, please contact:
Mr Games
Owner, American Bully Farm
Phone Number: +1 (248) 716-3211
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