All round car Servicing appointments from the comfort of your home

Most Automakers focus the most in selling the vehicle and neglect the after sale services. This not only affects the owner of the vehicle but also proves fatal to the common public. Poor service history can often lead to accidents and sudden breakdown in the middle of a journey jeopardizing the traffic. So servicing the vehicle at regular intervals from the authorized service center is extremely important in order to maintain safety. However it is here where most of the owners face difficulty in terms of getting slots for the service and also face unnecessary high bills quoted by the authorized dealers. On the other hand
Services offered by Dewars Maruti Suzuki enables its customers to book their appointments on-line for servicing their cars from the comfort of their home and also based on the availability of the customers. These services are carried out by authorized professionals at affordable prices which enhances the after sale experience. Dewars proudly boasts of over 2.5 crore happy customers which clearly makes them the leader of the industry. Visit to book your appointment on-line from the nearest Dewars service center based on your location as Dewars Maruti Suzuki maintains an enormous servicing network which enables them to service more than 12 lakh cars everyday.