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An ISO Certified Ascent Abacus and Vedic Maths Classes – a great resource for developing the mental abilities of children aged 4+. Available in India. Abacus and vedic mathematics classes.Abacus is tool to develope your child's brain power by solving mathematics easily and fastly.Vedic mathematics. India's preferred destination for abacus classes and vedic maths classes. With over 90 centres across the country,Vedic mathematics is a mathematical methods for fast calculating which was origin from the fourth veda called Atharva Veda. At ASCENT ABACUS & BRAIN GYM, we conduct courses for Vedic Mathematics for both young children as well as students appearing for competitive exams to help them with fast and easy calculations of complex numbers. We provide Vedic Maths in regular classes as well as crash courses. We provide Beginner Level 1 and Advance Level 2 for Vedic Maths.