5 Tips to Get Your B2B Social Media Marketing Campaign Rolling

What is your preferred channel to implement go-to-market strategies? In the recent past, email and content marketing were the favored means for B2B marketers to drive revenues.

A report by Wpromote and Ascend2, however, reveals a different trend. With a younger B2B buyer demographic, social media has emerged as the platform of choice for marketers this year. In fact, 60% of B2B marketers from the US said that networking websites were most effective in generating growth and revenue in 2023.

More B2B decision-makers are engaging with their vendors on social media throughout the buyer’s journey across the funnel. LinkedIn still reigns supreme as the platform of choice for initiating discussions.

But there’s something else that marketers are sitting up and taking notice of. The youthful demographic of B2B audiences is increasingly seeking out video-streaming and sharing platforms for meaningful content. This means a good marketing strategy needs to revolve around content personalization to tap all possible avenues to engage with your target audience.