www.amazon.com/mytv – How to Register Roku TV with Prime Video?

Many users often find it challenging to get their Amazon Prime device activation code. Therefore, to take their worries away, we have given the steps to activate the Amazon Prime on Roku TV:-
1. First of all, you need to turn the TV on
2. Then, you should go to the “Home” section and navigate to the “Search” option.
3. Then, you will be taken to the search window and where you should search for “Prime Video.”
4. Now, you should click on the “Add Channel” option.
5. After this, you will have to enter the “Roku PIN.”
6. Note: you should wait until the process completes.
7. Once the channel is added, it will show the “Channel added” notification.
8. After this, the Sign In window will open on the screen. Here you should tap on the OK button.
9. Then, you should click on the sign-in using our secure server option.
10. Now, you will be redirected to the Amazon log-in. Thus, you have to enter your “Email Address” in the required slot.
11. Note: you should enter your Email ID or mobile number with.
12. After this, you should enter your Amazon account password.
Then, you should cross-check the details and click on the ‘Sign in using our secure server’ option.
13. Now, the ‘Account Verification Required’ window will open on the screen.
14. Here you should tap on the “OK” button.
15. After this, you will be taken to the next screen having the verification code.
Hence, by following all the above mentioned steps, you have successfully generated your device activation code for your Roku TV.

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