Why don’t the Jedi use blasters instead of light sabers?

The Jedi Order is known for their incredible mastery of the Force. Their weapon is: the lightsaber. Lightsabers have come to be associated with the noble Jedi tradition because they are the weapon of choice for Jedi Knights and Masters. However, a query frequently surfaces: For what reason don’t the Jedi use blasters as opposed to depending exclusively on lightsabers? In this article, we investigate the idea of Jedi weaponry, dive into the way of thinking and preparing of the Jedi Request, and analyze the novel power, flexibility, and imagery of lightsabers. We also think about blaster limitations, ethical issues, and how the Jedi Code affects which weapons are used. In the end, our goal is to comprehend why the Jedi tradition places such enduring significance on lightsabers.