When Can Public Interest Litigation Be Rejected?|| MnM Law Partners

Despite its broad scope, some situations are When Can Public Interest Litigation Be Rejected? While social justice is facilitated by PIL, there are instances when such petitions may be rejected by the court. This could be due to the lack of a genuine public interest motive or if the matter falls outside the purview of PIL.
Frivolous Petitions: PIL case petitions lacking substance and filed for frivolous reasons may be rejected.
Personal Vendetta: If the litigation is motivated by personal vendetta rather than a genuine concern for public interest, it may be rejected.
Abuse of Judicial Process: If the court finds that the petitioner is abusing the judicial process or seeking personal gain, the PIL may be rejected.
Failure to Comply with Procedures: Failure to adhere to procedural requirements or guidelines may result in the rejection of a PIL.