What is the cheapest day to book a domestic flight?

Domestic flights depart and arrive within a country and connect the cities. The departure and arrival of domestic flights are scheduled on daily basis, and many of these flights originate around the time of special events like the Christmas, Halloween, Boxing Day and Easter Day. The US has 50federal states and there are cheap US Domestic flights available, which connect the cities and the states across the North America. A few of domestic airlines in the USA that fly on short haul and medium haul distances includes Air Canada, WestJet, Air Transat, Porter Airlines, Flair Airlines etc. These airlines offer amazing discounts on the short and medium haul routes in addition to plenty of benefits.
Life is about a journey, and this journey could be long or short, but eventually such types of journeys bring excitement, composure and enjoyment in the life. Cheap domestic flights are above the class and value for the money as these offer the travelers the reason to travel while staying in the budget. These exclusive domestic flights are managed by international airlines operating within North American zone. The inflight experiences gained in the cheap domestic flights USA are quite exemplary as well as fascinating, much above the heightened melodrama.