Vedas Leaf | Lavender Tea | Made with 100% Whole Leaf & Natural Flavors – 50Gm

We’re Vedas Leaf and we always offer 100% natural and healthy products to our potential customers. Today we have Vedas Leaf Antioxidants Dried Lavender Flowers Tea 100% Natural & Healthy for Improves Sleep & Reduces Inflammation. This is our one of the best selling products which is loved by plenty of audiences. We use hand-picked lavender flowers and convert them into a beautiful tea texture. We deal with highly trusted and educated farmers so that they can provide the best lavender flowers to us. Our USP is to serve with quality and that’s why every product is fully hand licked and organic.

Benefits of Lavender Flowers Tea

This product is filled with plenty of health benefits which are listed below:-

This Tea for relieving pain and migraines

People who are facing a strong issue of migraines should use our flower tea once. They’ll get guaranteed results in just 1-2 month.

Lavender Flowers Tea for Hair, Skin, Restful Sleep, Stress & Anxiety

Lavender flower is an ayurvedic herb that is filled with plenty of health benefits. This tea improves your hair growth and nourishes your skin. This also improves your restful sleep and reduces the level of stress and Anxiety.

This Tea for Boost immunity health & Detoxifies the Body & Supports Digestive Health

A person who has digestion problems should consume at least 1 cup of flower tea daily. This Will nourish your body and provide detoxification in your body. You’ll feel refreshed and relaxed when you consume daily our tea.

Lavender Flower Tea For Stress Relief.

This Tea made of lavender flowers reduces the stress level in your body. One cup of tea will enhance the blood circulation in the body and remove the stress level gently.

Usage of Lavender Flower Tea

You just have to take 1 cup of tea daily, usually in the mornings or you can also take it in the evenings. Just take a cup of water and add 1 teaspoon of tea. Boil the mixture and serve it in a cup. Take the tea slowly with small sips and enjoy drinking this healthy and organic tea daily.