The Wish Maker Fog and Mirrors by T. A. Welton

Road to the Dark Path is a fast-paced ride to a small town, Dalton’s Grove, where no one is safe. The Grove is a place of haves and have nots where the wealthy own the town and the law. Tana Hayes was always content with living in the Grove for the rest of her life. That was until she caught the eye of Dev Bradley. He was from one of the wealthiest families in town. Dev’s obsession with Tana turns into a cat and mouse game with a clever killer that claims to be in love with her and will do anything to keep her. The time, though, is ticking before she too will become one of his victims. But when people are pushed beyond endurance, sometimes it lights a flame that cannot be extinguished. This is true for Tana. She trains to fight back to defend herself and seek vengeance for her loved ones.