Technology and Learning at ASIS

When the pandemic hit, schools had to switch to online teaching and learning. Blackboard teaching shifted to digital boards. Online platforms provided children who missed the direct attention of their teachers in a traditional class get individual attention from their teachers. It helped them to see their learning curve move higher and reach its peak.

ASIS, one of the best international schools in Chennai, has excellent infrastructure supported by the latest information technology tools and gadgets. Technology has uplifted education in this pandemic situation by helping students learn and connect with the knowledge process. E-learning tools have helped to reduce potential learning loss.

Anand Singapore International School follows new educational technology to promote 21st-century skills. Being in partnership with the SIS group of schools, ASIS follows the Singapore education system. Singapore's education system demands higher proficiency in English and core subjects such as Science and Math. By enriching proficiency in the above subjects, learning the Arts, regional languages, and humanities will help students at ASIS with fundamental skills to thrive globally now and in the future.