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The Wild honey hunters offers the rare and Wild Kurinji honey which is termed as Liquid Gold., this is sourced from the most attractive greenish yellow nectar of the Neela... Read More

The wild Jamun honey is the one and only bittersweet tasting honey filled with all the essential nutrients. Natural jamun wild honey is dark colored with the aroma of Jamun... Read More

Moringa honey is a valuable and nutritious product sourced from the highly medicinal Moringa tree. A wide range of Moringa tree parts are edible, including the leaves, fruit, seeds, and... Read More

Mudakathan honey is 100 % natural and unprocessed original honey sourced from the floral nectars of Mudakathan after the flowering season. This is filled up with the goodness of Nature... Read More

Paalai poo honey strengthens the digestive system, which helps extract the complete nutrients from food. Even though we take a healthy food daily, the digestive secretions only helps those vitamins... Read More

Oral cavities contain millions of microorganisms, some of which may cause minor to major health issues. Oral hygiene is most important for maintaining overall health as well as preventing gum... Read More

Consuming honey was a common traditional medicine in ancient times. It contains an Anti Inflammatory agent that stimulates the B and T Lymphocytes in our cell structure, which induces the... Read More

Ginger in honey is a natural concoction made with ginger and honey.The medicinal benefits of both are added up. Ginger is a well-known spice consumed in our daily life. Honey... Read More

Cavity honey is found in rock holes, hollow dead tree trunks, and termite bursts. This cavity honey is produced by Apis Cerena, a small bee variety. Generally, it builds its... Read More

Thumbai is a very common plant found across India and Philippines. It is a highly medicinal pant. The leaves and flowers of Thumbai plant are edible the flowers are identified... Read More