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Metal Shear for Scrap Recycling

Scrap cutting machines or metal shear machines are essential in the scrap recycling process. They cut large pieces of scrap metal into smaller, more manageable pieces, making it easier to... Read More

Metal Shear for Scrap Cutting

A metal shear as the name suggests is a scrap processing machine used to cut all types of scrap metal. The scrap such as light metal, HMS1, HMS2 can easily... Read More

Inclined Shear for Heavy Metal Scrap Shearing

Inclined shear is one of the finest scrap shear machines used in the metal scrap recycling industry to cut heavy metal scrap including steel, aluminium, copper, car body, hms1, hms2,... Read More

Shear Baler for Metal Scrap Processing

A Box shear or shear baler is a heavy-duty machine used in the scrap metal recycling industry to shear and compress heavy metals (HMS1, HMS2) in large quantities. Shear balers... Read More