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P-Concrett™ fibers, resembling small threads, possess unique physical, chemical, and mechanical traits, often featuring flat or circular cross-sections. While not typically serving as structural reinforcements, concrete fibers, including P-Concrett™, are... Read More

In contrast to the conventional linear economic model, Pashupati Visions is committed to prolonging the lifespan of resources, shifting away from the routine of manufacturing new products from scratch, using... Read More

P-Concrett™ fibers, small thread-like reinforcement elements, possess unique physical, chemical, and mechanical properties. Most of these fibers have either flat or circular cross-sections. Typically, they do not function as primary... Read More

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Commitment The ETP and R.O. plants are dedicated to achieving 100% recycling of processed water, strictly adhering to a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) policy throughout the entire... Read More