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Christina Woodard has been a licensed physical therapist since 2019; she spent many of those years working directly with physical therapy clients in their homes. Christina answers common questions people... Read More

Mental well being- swakaya

Mental well being Feeling balanced, connected to others, and ready to face life's challenges are all signs of mental wellness. Healthy habits can boost your self-esteem, improve your mental function, and... Read More

Knee Pain Physiotherapy Treatment in Manchester Hale, Sale & Altrincham Didsbury, Stockport. CT Clinic is Manchester’s Leading physiotherapy & COPA Therapy Center for knee pain and injury. Book Appointment Today.... Read More

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Neck Pain and How Physiotherapy Can Help

Even recent research has stated that physiotherapy is way better than surgery or pain medications. Moreover, physical therapy can decrease the chance of surgery. Just like Osteorehab Clinic has the... Read More

Worlds best Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic in Delhi with highly-trained and certified physical therapists. Contact us for health related issues +91 11 43580720-22. VARDĀN, a welfare initiative from the Times Group,... Read More

Every health practitioner, including physiotherapists, must adhere to a set of stringent service standards and specialize in a particular area or fields of competence. Choosing the right physiotherapist is critical... Read More

This sub-specialty deals with certain age-related medical conditions such as arthritis (pain in the joints), osteoporosis (fragile and brittle bones). Geriatric physiotherapists guide elderly about restricting certain movements which can... Read More