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POS Category Grid/List View Layouts odoo app helps users to show point of sale product categories in multiple views like list view or grid view. Users can see category layout... Read More

By default odoo sets the default company for all objects/views from the user's session i.e Sales Order,Invoice Purchase etc, This default company doesn't set on contacts and partners. Default Company... Read More

POS Category Picture Slider odoo app helps users to show category sliders at the point of sale screen. Users can enable or disable category sliders. Users can see the point... Read More

Project Task Timer Widget Odoo App helps users to configure or select more than one start timer stage and stop timer stage. Users cannot use the same stage in both... Read More

MRP Timesheet - Manufacturing Timesheet Odoo App helps users to manage timesheets directly from manufacturing order and work order by using 'Manage Timesheet' checkbox and also users can use the... Read More

Create Company from the Contact Odoo App helps users to create a new company directly from the contact. Users can see the create Company button in contact's form view, Which... Read More

POS - Point of Sale Service Management Odoo App is used to manage multiple point of sale services from POS configuration. Users can use or create predefined notes for service... Read More

Hide Create Invoice Button for Sales User Odoo App helps users to hide the "Create Invoice" button and "To Invoice" menu for sales users. "Create Invoice" button on sales order... Read More

Odoo is an open-source solution that is constantly upgraded and improved by thousands of Odoo specialists around the world. The main advantage is that it can be customized as per... Read More