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Plate and frame heat exchangers are the most economical heat exchangers of all the types available. However, the most economical choice comes with the most restrictions on the fluid to... Read More

High Purity Heat Exchangers made entirely of high-purity fluoropolymer resins offer superior corrosion resistance and low extractables. Considered chemically inert, fluoropolymers enable heat exchanger manufacturers of high purity chemicals, electronics... Read More

What are Immersion Coils and what are they used for

Immersion coils are ideally suited for almost all metal finishing (plating) and metal processing (pickling) applications. The fluoropolymer tubes (FEP, PFA, and Q) is/are non-conductive, chemically inert, flexible, and tough.... Read More

Heat Transfer Equipments Pvt Ltd is the main ISO 9001-2015 guaranteed maker and exporters of Cooling Towers and Heat Exchangers. We guarantee to supply our marked items at extremely aggressive... Read More