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B.Sc. in Fashion Design is a 3- year undergraduate course in fashion designing, spread over 6 semesters The course covers the study of specialized fields in the area of fashion... Read More

M.B.A. Infrastructure management is a postgraduate Infrastructure Management course. M.B.A. The Infrastructure Management course helps to equip you with all the relevant knowledge and skill sets. The program not only... Read More

BSc Microbiology course is an excellent program for those who are interested in studying microorganisms and their pathogenic potential. After graduating with this degree, you can work in various sectors... Read More

B.Sc. in agriculture is a specialized academic programme that can also be described as bachelor of science in agriculture discipline. The duration of the programme is four years and has... Read More

Environmental consciousness and the focus on the sustainability of Earth’s resources has long been concentrated upon. But of late, what has become equally important is using eco-friendly products and green... Read More