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SP Colour & Chemicals' Titanium Dioxide Powder serves as a pivotal component, adding brightness and opacity to a myriad of products.
Types of Tio2 : Titanium Dioxide, 6618 grid, 2195 grid, 902 grid, 104 grid, RC 822 grid, Rutile Titanium Dioxide R6618 and more. Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) powder pigment is a versatile and widely used substance with applications across various industries. Titanium Dioxide Powder is a key ingredient in various industries, including Cosmetics, Coatings, Inks, and Paper.
Cosmetics Industry: Titanium Dioxide is a common ingredient in foundations and face powders due to its light-scattering properties, providing a smooth and even skin tone.
Coatings Industry: Titanium Dioxide is a key component in the production of paints and primers, imparting opacity, brightness, and durability to coatings. It also helps in blocking UV radiation, preventing colour fading over time.
Inks and Printing: Titanium Dioxide enhances the opacity and whiteness of inks, contributing to sharp and clear print results in various printing applications.
Paper Industry: Used in paper manufacturing, Titanium Dioxide improves the brightness and whiteness of paper products, making them visually appealing for publications, packaging, and printing.
As a manufacturer of Titanium Dioxide Powder, SP Colour & Chemicals remains dedicated to delivering excellence across diverse industries.