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As a business owner, you are probably thinking about the best way to collect digital payments and trying to make it easy for your customers to make payments.

Additionally, you are considering the advantages that your company will gain from connecting with the right payment gateway. So how do you decide which payment gateway is appropriate for your business?

In this post, we’ll break down the most important factors to consider when choosing a payment gateway.

Do you know who invented Payment links? Neither do I but speaking to our very able software engineers, they are confident that this is a game changer in the payments space.

Reason being this is the most simple and easy to use payment method by both customers and business alike.

“It’s as easy as ABC,” Says Fred, Our Product Manager

So What Is Payment Links?

Payment Links is a dynamic offering by Tingg by Cellulant to help business owners like yourself accept payments faster from their customers without the need for a website, app or any programming experience.

You just have to log on to Tingg.Africa and then create unique links from the Tingg Business Dashboard and instantly share them with their customers. Easy as a Sunday morning.

If your business is an enterprise or small or medium businesses with internal business tools and systems such as ERP’ s, sales dispatch tools can generate payment links by integrating into Tingg’s APIs so that you are able to trigger payment requests.

Talk to us and we’ll set you up.

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