sabong international ph | Philippines summer care for war rooster

sabong international ph reccomend you that to avoid dehydration electrolytes are best for the prepration you can use homemade utilities
Cockers should keep this in mind when bathing their sabong chicken: do not bathe your sabong chicken shortly after sun exposure. As a result of this, they will develop diseases from water such as flu, fever, cough, asthma, and runny nose. This will cause them to lose strength and be unable to fight.

Sabong international therapy for sabong chicken requires an essential training session.
Prior to 3-4 weeks of sabong, it is critical to provide nutritious and vitamin-rich meals. You must take extra precautions during that period. Including protein-rich foods will help. Cokers can use turmeric on sabong chicken skin to make it thicker and stronger. To make turmeric for sabong chicken, combine some ground turmeric with poured wine.