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A lot goes on behind the scenes to make online payments possible. When a buyer provides his card details on a checkout page or swipes his card at a POS terminal, certain protocols must be carefully followed for the transaction to be completed. A payment processor is a financial provider that coordinates and acts as an intermediary between the various financial parties involved in a transaction to process and settle online payments. If you wish to offer your customers seamless electronic payments, having a trusted payment processing service is crucial. To better understand the work of a payment processor, here’s a breakdown of the process involved in online payment processing.

The Best Payment Processing Companies in Nigeria & Kenya
Some popular payment processing companies in Nigeria and Kenya include Interswitch, eTranzact, Remita, etc. However, one of the newest and most innovative payment companies today is Tingg. Tingg is a payment platform that is revolutionising payment processing by helping businesses in Nigeria and Kenya accept various forms of electronic payment without the need for a website or a POS.

Simplify your online payment process with Tingg
Empower your business to accept online payments with ease! Whether your company operates offline or online, Tingg has a payment solution for you. We offer a wide range of payment solutions to suit all sizes of businesses. Visit today to get started.
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